Undergraduate Prospectus for International Students (2024)

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Jinan University (JNU) is a prominent comprehensive university jointly established by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, and Guangdong Province. Its predecessor Jinan Academy was founded in Nanjing in 1906 by the Qing government. JNU was designated as one of the “Project 211 Universities” in 1996 and was later included in “Double First-Class” university project in 2017. With five campuses in the cities of Guangzhou, Zhuhai and Shenzhen, JNU is situated in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

The university offers a comprehensive array of disciplines, encompassing 12 categories, including literature, history, philosophy, economics, management, law, science, engineering, medicine, education, and art. It is comprised of 37 colleges, 59 departments, 18 directly affiliated research institutes, 52 national first-class undergraduate major construction sites, and 34 provincial-level first-class undergraduate major construction sites. Notably, 18 disciplines have achieved placement in the top 1% of the ESI world rankings, positioning the university as second among Guangdong universities in terms of quantity. Another 11 disciplines have secured spots in the top 5 ‰ of the ESI world rankings.

JNU has strong ties to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and operates five campuses in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Zhuhai. The main campus is situated in Shipai, Tianhe District, Guangzhou. The University currently has a total of 47,660 students, comprising 31,409 full-time undergraduates and 16,251 full-time graduate students. Additionally, the university hosts 16,433 students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, overseas Chinese, and international backgrounds.

Jinan University has significantly expanded its international cooperation, having established 749 agreements with 487 universities, cultural institutions, and research centers across 67 countries or regions worldwide. Notably, the university is a provider of Chinese Government Scholarships and has over 143 student recruitment agencies in 81 countries. In 2023, JNU enrolled 2047 foreign students from 98 countries and regions, comprising 1723 undergraduate students and 209 graduate students. The International School with over 20 years of experience teaching in English, has been successfully established. Additionally, the Jinan University - University of Birmingham Joint Institute approved by the Ministry of Education, is known for its excellent talent cultivation quality. Furthermore, the university's Japan Campus, received official accreditation from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan.

Jinan University, recognized as the Top Higher Education Institution for Overseas Chinese, has nurtured over 400,000 talents from more than 170 countries and regions worldwide. The university's global reach is evident as its graduates can be found across the globe. Moreover, JNU stands as the premier choice for students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, as well as overseas Chinese and international students seeking to pursue studies in the mainland of China.

I. Registration Requirements

Overseas Chinese and other foreign students (non-Chinese citizens) who are between the ages of 18 and 30, in good health, hold a high school diploma or equivalent educational level, and have no criminal record, are eligible to apply to Jinan University.

The eligibility requirements for foreign students studying in China include holding a valid passport or nationality certificate of the own countryfor at least 4 years, and having a record of actual residence in the own country for more than 2 years within the past 4 years (from May 1, 2020 to April 30, 2024), with the provision that if the actual residence in a foreign country exceeds 9 months in a year, it can be calculated as one year, based on the entry and exit record stamps. This applies to students born with foreign nationality and not holding Chinese nationality, but one side of the parents or the parents are still holding Chinese nationality, as well as residents of Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan who have obtained foreign nationality through immigration.

II. Admission Procedures

1.Examination entry

Students participating in the Joint Entrance Examination for Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Overseas Chinese and Other Foreign Students by Jinan University and Huaqiao University will be admitted based on their first choice, considering their exam results, academic performance, conduct evaluation, and health status during their secondary school years.

The joint enrollment of the two universities follows a "3+X" examination format, with Chinese language, English, and mathematics as compulsory subjects, and an additional elective subject. For humanities, the elective subjects include history and geography, while for sciences; the options are physics, chemistry, and biology. Those applying for medical majors are required to take chemistry and biology, or physics and biology as their elective subjects.

Candidates applying for majors in science, engineering, and medicine have the option to also apply for majors in humanities, history, economics, management, and law.

The examination venues are situated in Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, and Xiamen, with specific examination locations provided on the admission ticket. The scope of the examination is based on the content specified in the Entrance Exam Study Guide for Hong Kong and Macao, Taiwan Province, Overseas Chinese and Other Foreign Students (Fifth Edition) compiled and published by the Joint Admissions Committee of Jinan University and Huaqiao University.

Note: You can purchase The Entrance Exam Study Guide directly from Jinan University Press. The exam prep study materials for the Joint Entrance examination can be purchased from the Textbook Center of the College of Chinese Studies at Jinan University (Tel: 86-20-87205055). You can also find these books at the official WeChat store of Jinan University Press.

2.Application for admission

Individuals with a foreign high school diploma or equivalent educational level, along with a complete record of their high school studies abroad, may be exempted from written exams based on their Chinese or English proficiency, high school grades, conduct evaluation, and health status. To qualify for exemption from written exams, candidates must have achieved a level 5 (180 points) or higher in the Chinese Language Proficiency Test (HSK). They can be recommended by Jinan University's overseas student recruitment agencies, Chinese embassies (consulates) abroad, well-known figures in the overseas Chinese community, overseas Chinese schools, or overseas Chinese communities. Alternatively, candidates can apply for exemption themselves and be recommended by two teachers. Admission will be based on merit after a review of the application.

For students applying to study various majors at the International College and whose English is not their native language, their English proficiency for admission must meet the following criteria: IELTS 5.5 (with 5.0 or above in each section), TOEFL (IBT) 80, or SAT 1030 or above.

For detailed registration procedures and requirements, please consult the 'Jinan University 2024 Application Guide,' which is anticipated to be released on the Jinan University Admissions Office website in March 2024.

Note: Candidates who apply for arts or sports majors through the mentioned channels are typically required to apply for their first-choice major and also undergo a separate professional skills exam. Upon passing the skills test, their selection will be based on their relevant acadamic performance (excamination scores or transcripts).

III. Enrollment schedule

1. Online registration for Joint Entrance Examination will be available from March 1 to 20, 2024, and onsite confirmation will be available from March 21 to 29, 2024, both from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. The Joint Entrance Examination is scheduled for May 25-26, 2024.

2. Application for exemption from the entrance exam will take place from April 1st to June 30th, 2024.

3. For details regarding the professional skills exam for art and sports majors, please refer to the relevant notice on the official website of Jinan University Undergraduate Admissions Office.

Note: The above dates and details are subject to change and will be announced on the official website of the Admissions Office of Jinan University.

IV. Application Process

1. Fill in online application format https://lxlz.jnu.edu.cn.

2. Please complete the online application and payment, then print the registration form and sign it for confirmation.

3. Participants in the joint recruitment examination are required to submit paper registration materials and complete on-site confirmation. Those seeking exemption from the entrance examination must submit both paper and electronic materials as required.

4. Enquire the admission result on line.


1) If the registration is not confirmed on-site within the registration period, the online pre-register record will automatically become void.

2) The registration point is solely responsible for on-site confirmation and collection of materials and registration fees for online registration. It does not accept modifications or supplementary applications to online registration information. Once the registration fee is paid, it is non-refundable.

3) If it is discovered that the online registration information is fraudulent or the materials provided during registration confirmation are false, the registration and admission qualifications will be revoked. The email and contact number provided in the system are crucial for communication with candidates in the subsequent stages. It is essential to ensure accurate and correct information filling in the system. Any consequences resulting from incorrect information will be the responsibility of the applicant.

4) Candidates are required to go to the Shipai Campus of Jinan University in person for on-site confirmation procedures (refer to registration instructions). Any online pre-registration record that is not confirmed within the specified registration period will automatically become invalid.

If candidates are unable to personally go to the site to handle the confirmation procedures due to special circumstances, they must submit a written application. Afterwards, they can entrust their relatives to confirm on their behalf. When confirming, they should present the candidate’s ID, the agent’s ID, a power of attorney signed by the candidate, and other registration materials. Each agent can only handle the confirmation procedures for one candidate.

5) Candidates seeking exemption from entrance exams must submit their application materials in accordance with the "Jinan University 2024 Application Review and Enrollment Guidelines" (anticipated to be released in March 2024). Both electronic and hard copies of the application should be provided.

V. Application materials

1. Application Form: "Application Form for Admission to Jinan University and Huaqiao University for Students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Overseas Chinese and Other Foreign Countries".

2. Passport: The student's passport (including photo page, visa page, entry and exit record stamp), as well as the identification documents of both parents, must be submitted.

3. Certificate and transcripts: A high school diploma or diploma certificate, complete transcripts for each academic year, and standardized test transcripts (if applicable, see Note 3) must be notarized or certified by Chinese embassies and consulates or additional certificate (Apostille) needs to be processed (see Note 1). Additionally, if in a non-Chinese version, they need to be translated into Chinese (see Note 1).

4. Language Proficiency Certificate: Applicants must submit a valid HSK, IELTS, or TOEFL score certificate (within two years) as proof of language proficiency during the application review process.

5. Personal Statement: Applicants should provide a self-introduction and study plan in China as part of their application materials during the application review.

6. Recommendation Letter: Two recommendation letters, sealed in an envelope, are required. One letter should be from the principal of the applicant's graduating high school, and the other from a teacher. These letters should be submitted by the applicants during the application review process.

7. Certificate of No Criminal Conviction: (see Note 1)

Applicants must provide a valid certificate of no criminal record issued by the government department of their country of nationality. This certificate should be issued within six months prior to the registration date.

8. Applicants for medical majors must also submit a physical examination report from the past six months. The template for the physical examination report can be found in the Physical Examination Form (attached at the end of this document).


1) Any documents in items 3 and 7 above issued by foreign institutions must be notarized or certified by Chinese embassies and consulates abroad. If the country issuing the document is a contracting party to the Convention on the Cancellation of the Certification Requirements for Foreign Official Documents by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs , only the country's additional certificate (Apostille) needs to be processed, without the need for consular authentication from the country or the Chinese embassies or consulates in the local area. All documents not in Chinese must be translated into Chinese by a qualified translation agency.

2) The documents held by students must be valid for the duration of the study period. In cases where doubts arise regarding the authenticity of the application materials, they will be referred to the public security department or relevant issuing authority for verification. Any suspected falsification will result in legal repercussions, and the individual will not be admitted. Furthermore, those who have already been admitted will have their admission qualifications revoked if any falsification is discovered.

3) The standardized exam transcript refers to the official transcript of the unified high school graduation exam, university entrance exam, or an internationally recognized standardized exam taken during the high school stage in the country where the high school is located. Examples of such exams include SAT, ACT, A-Level, IB, etc. Fresh high school graduates must submit their high school graduation certificate and the transcript for the second semester of their senior year for verification upon enrollment (for Examination entry only). Failure to submit the certificate on time or failing the verification process will result in the cancellation of their admission qualification.

4) Applicants for the joint recruitment of Jinan University and Huaqiao University must submit one copy of all the aforementioned application materials, with each document in A4 paper size and vertically bound in order. Furthermore, they must bring the original documents for verification purposes and pay the registration fee.

VI. Tuition and fees

1. Tuition (RMB/academic year)



International students

Professional colleges

Literature, Economics and Management


Science, Engineering, Foreign languages, and Sports


Medicine and Pharmacy


School of Art

Drama, Film and Television Director, Recording Art, Broadcasting and Hosting Art




International School

Literature, Economics and Management




Science and Engineering




Shenzhen Campus





College of Chinese Language and Culture

Preparatory Class A


Preparatory Class B


2. Accommodation fees (RMB/academic year)







Accommodation fees

975 - 4000





3. Registration fee: RMB 500 per person.

4. As per the Ministry of Education's regulations, all foreign students studying in China are required to purchase medical insurance at their own expense upon enrollment. The specific details regarding the insurance premium can be found in the admission notice provided to new students.


1) The above fee standards are subject to the approval of the Guangdong Provincial Price Bureau in 2024.

2) For the Accounting program (Teaching in English)at the International school, the tuition fee includes the CGA (CPA Canada) course tuition fee of RMB6000 per academic year, in collaboration with the Canadian Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

3) The tuition fee for programs such as Chinese International Education, Chinese Language Education, and Chinese Language major at the College of Chinese Language and Culture is set at 22000 RMB per academic year.

4) Additionally, students are responsible for covering the costs of books, auxiliary teaching equipment, meals, student union fees, and medical insurance fees.

5) Please be advised that the fee standards for Japan Campus will be announced separately.

VII. Scholarships

1. Chinese Government Scholarships:

To apply for a Chinese government scholarship, applicants must contact the Chinese embassy or consulate in the country where they reside. The application period generally runs from November 2023 to April 2024. To inquire about the scholarship, applicants should visit the National Study Abroad website (www.csc.edu.cn) and indicate that Jinan University is their desired institution on the Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form.

2. Guangdong Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship:

International students can apply directly to Jinan University for the Guangdong Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship. Excellent students may receive a scholarship of RMB10,000 for their first academic year.

VIII. Medical care, housing support, and other social and supportive services

Jinan University operates five campuses in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Zhuhai, with its main campus situated in Shipai, Guangzhou. In total, the university's campuses cover an expansive area of 2.2681 million square meters, featuring a substantial building area of 1.7884 million square meters and a student dormitory area spanning 454,300 square meters. The university library boasts an extensive collection of 4.1393 million books.

Regarding student accommodations, the rooms in the student apartments are equipped with beds, luggage racks, small wardrobes, desks, chairs, telephones, internet sockets, air conditioning, and bathrooms. It's worth noting that private rooms are not provided in the student apartments.

Jinan University offers medical services through its outpatient department and 10 affiliated hospitals, which include four national tertiary Grade A hospitals. These medical facilities are available to both teachers and students at any time. Students are required to pay the national medical insurance premiums and can benefit from national primary public medical expenses during their time at the university.

For dining options, the university provides a student canteen where students can dine in and have the freedom to choose their meals. The monthly expenses for meals generally range between RMB 1000 to 1500.

On-campus, there are various service points available for students' convenience. These include banks, post offices, barbershops, laundry facilities, maintenance services, bookstores, shopping malls, restaurants, and photo studios. These amenities contribute to creating a well-rounded campus environment that caters to the needs of the students.

Jinan University provides a vibrant campus life with its student activity center, large gymnasium, and various sports venues. These facilities offer students opportunities to engage in academic, entertainment, and sports activities. The university boasts a diverse range of student associations, including calligraphy, martial arts, animation, orienteering, and more. These associations contribute to the rich and colorful campus culture, fostering a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Students at Jinan University have achieved notable success in numerous domestic and international cultural and sports events, such as the "Internet plus" competition, the "Challenge Cup," the National Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Competition, and the National Universiade. Jinan athletes like Su Bingtian, Chen Aisen, and Xie Sichang have brought glory to the country by achieving remarkable results in major international events, including the Olympic Games.

The university has been recognized as one of the first national demonstration universities for deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform, highlighting its commitment to fostering an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit among its students. Graduates from Jinan University receive high praise from employers both domestically and internationally, and the university consistently maintains a high employment rate compared to similar institutions.

Table of Undergraduate programs and Examination Subjects (2024)


1) The majors marked with asterisksare newly approved majors.

2) The list of majors provided is subject to change, and the name and location of the registered major will be based on the admission notice issued.

3) The Journalism major at the School of Journalism and Communication is tentatively scheduled to register at the Panyu campus.

4) Applicants for majors in Physical Education, Broadcasting and Hosting Arts, Calligraphy, Animation, Drama and Film Directing, and Recording Arts are expected to apply for their first choice of major and take professional skill assessments separately.

5) Architecture majors will undergo an art secondary exam after enrollment.

6) New students will undergo a physical examination after enrollment. Students admitted to pharmaceutical majors such as clinical medicine, preventive medicine, dentistry, traditional Chinese medicine, nursing, pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine, biopharmaceuticals, and clinical pharmacy that are diagnosed with color blindness or color weakness will be adjusted to other majors.

IX. College preparatory class

For those who do not meet the undergraduate admission criteria, they have the option to apply for admission to preparatory courses at Jinan University. There are two types of preparatory classes: Preparatory Class A (Arts and Sciences) and Preparatory Class B (Arts and Sciences).

Preparatory Class A:

- Duration: One year of study.

- Upon completion of the study period, passing the graduation examination, and meeting the graduation standards, a certificate of completion for the preparatory program at Jinan University will be issued.

- Students who are qualified in all subjects and possess good moral character will be directly promoted to undergraduate majors at Jinan University.

Preparatory Class B:

- Duration: One year of study.

- After completing the study period, there are three ways to pursue a bachelor's degree:

1) Approximately 20% of students with excellent moral and academic performance, based on overall evaluation results and conduct evaluation of the academic year, may be exempt from the entrance examination and recommended for undergraduate majors at Jinan University.

2) Students who have passed the overall evaluation of each subject in the academic year but have not been recommended and have not received disciplinary action can participate in the direct promotion exam of Class A in the preparatory course. Those who pass the scores in each subject will be directly promoted to relevant undergraduate majors at Jinan University.

3) Students who fail to be recommended or promoted can participate in the joint recruitment of the two schools and the national joint recruitment for that year.

The university offers humanities and science courses. The main courses for these two categories are:














V. Other precautions

1. The information provided in this prospectus is interpreted by the Undergraduate Admissions Office of Jinan University.

2. If there are any policy adjustments made by the Ministry of Education or Jinan University, the new policies shall prevail.

Prospective students, both overseas Chinese and foreign students, are warmly welcome to apply to Jinan University. Here is the contact information:

Undergraduate Admissions Office of Jinan University

Address: 601 West Huangpu Avenue, Guangzhou, People's Republic of China

Postal Code: 510632

Phone: 86-20-8522 0130

Fax: 86-20-8522 1340

Email: ozsb@jnu.edu.cn

University website:https://www.jnu.edu.cn

Undergraduate Admissions Office website:https://zsb.jnu.edu.cn

Registration website:https://lxlz.jnu.edu.cn

List of Overseas Admissions Agencies for Jinan University (Attached Link)