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Introduction to Jinan University


Jinan University is a key comprehensive university listed in Project 211 and jointly established by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, and Guangdong Province. Jinan Academy, the university’s predecessor, was founded in Nanjing in 1906 by the Qing government.


As the first institution of higher education established by the government to enroll overseas Chinese students, Jinan University occupies an important position in the history of Chinese higher education. JNU is one of the universities that have had the same name for more than a century and was one of the first to apply the academic credit system in China. It was the first comprehensive university to set up a medical school, the first university to found a research institute of overseas Chinese studies and the first university to start a business school.


Jinan has seven disciplines ranking top 1% in the world: Chemistry, Clinical Medicine, Biology & Biochemistry, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Material Science, Engineering and Agricultural Sciences. In 2013, Jinan University has following disciplines listed in the Ministry of Education Discipline Ranking Top 20: Applied Economics, Journalism and Communication, Traditional Chinese Pharmacology, Chinese Language and Literature, Statistics, Fundamental Medicine and Optical Engineering.


Jinan University has 56,001 students, including 26,254 full-time undergraduates and 10,555 full-time graduate students (1,465 Ph.D. candidates and 9,090 master’s degree candidates). The number of Hong Kong,  Macao, Taiwan, overseas Chinese and international students was up to 13,909, which ranks No. 1 in the nation. Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) ranked Jinan University No. 11 in Asia and No. 1 in mainland China in population of international students in the 2016 QS Asian University Rankings.


Jinan University develops a great range of international cooperation and has signed agreements with 286 universities, cultural institutions and research centers in 50 counties or regions around the world. It is one of the universities providing Chinese Government Scholarships. Jinan has more than 100 students’ recruitment agents in more than 60 countries and established International School to offer various programs taught in English.


Named as the Top Higher Education Institution for Overseas Chinese, Jinan  University has cultivated more than 300,000 talents from over 160 countries or regions around the world. We can say that where there is the sea, you will meet Jinan graduates. Jinan University is the first choice for the students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan as well as the overseas Chinese and international students who intend to study in the mainland China.


Methods of Admission

Exemption from Entrance Examinations and Admission

To satisfy the requirements for entrance to Jinan University, all the applicants are required to

(1) have a written record of good conduct and good health.

(2) have graduated from an overseas senior high school or reached the equivalent level of education;

(3) for overseas Chinese applicants and foreign students of Chinese origin, have been recommended by the nearest Chinese Embassy (Consulate) or Office of thechargé d'affairesor by any member of overseas Chinese Organizations, overseas Chinese schools, or any respected members from overseas Chinese circles;

(4) for foreign students, apply through application in person with two teachers as referees;

(5) have scored Grade 5 (overall score of 180) or above in HSKif applying for programs instructed in the Chinese language; non-native English-speaking applicants applying for programs taught in English have to satisfy one of the following requirements:


IELTS: overall score of 5.5 (with at least 5 in each section)

TOEFL IBT:overall score of 80

SAT:overall score of 1400


Admission Procedures

1. Online application form.

The Online Application Form can be found at https:// , This must be word-processed, printed and signed.

2. The following documents have to be submitted to the Admissions Office.

(a) Application Form.

(b) A copy of our current passport.

(c) For overseas Chinese students, a copy of the notarized and authenticated certificate issued by the Chinese Embassy (Consulate) to certify the holders' obtainment of long-term or permanent right of residence in a foreign country for over two years is required.

(d) A senior high school diploma, grade reports for each school year and final/latest academic transcript(s) / examination results (all of them should be notarized by the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate).

(e)Public examination results in detail e.g. GCSE, IB, including in the case of GCE AL / AS level, the Statement of Results which shows the numerical scores achieved.

(f) Language certificate

(g) Personal statement (Self-introduction).

(h) Two reference letters, to be completed by your school principal or teacher (in the case the reference letter is given to you by your school in a sealed envelope).

(I) For all applicants, one recent photo (head-shot, bare headed). Size is 1.5 inches or 3.81 centimeters.

Note: All non-Chinese and non-English school reports and diplomas should be translated into either Chinese or English and notarized by Chinese Embassy or Consulate.

3. The registration period: April 2 to July 13, 2018

Entrance Scholarship

1. Chinese Government Scholarship

Applicants who want to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship, please go to for more information.


2. Guangdong Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship Program

This program has been set up to support students from different countries or regions who are applying for undergraduate admission to JNU. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic merits as well as consideration of non-academic achievements.


3. Jinan University Outstanding Scholarship

This scholarship has been set up by Jinan University to be awarded to full-time foreign students and overseas Chinese who have excellent school performances. The most outstanding students can get RMB 15,000 to 30,000 scholarships for the first academic year. There are RMB 120,000 to 180,000 scholarships for the best students during their 4 to 6 academic years.



1. Application Fee: RMB 500 / person.

2.Tuition Fee: (RMB / yr)

Arts Programs

International School

Other Programs

International Economics and Trade, Finance,Journalism (International Journalism )


(CPA   Canada)

Pharmacy,Food Quality and Safety,Computer Science and Technology



Foreign student







Overseas Chinese







3. Accommodation Expense (RMB/ yr):

Shipai Campus

Panyu Campus

Zhuhai Campus

Shenzhen Campus

Guangyuan Dong Campus







The above costs are subject to the appraisal of the Price Bureau of Guangdong Province.



A Table of Undergraduate Programs

College and locationProgram

Length of 


International School(Panyu Campus)International   Economics and Trade4
Accounting(CPA Canada)
Computer Science and Technology
International School(Shipai Campus)Journalism(International   Journalism)4
Food Quality and Safety
Clinical Medicine  6
Clinical Medicine(M.B.B.S)
College of Economics(Panyu Campus)Economics(Investment   Economics)4
International Economics and Trade
Public Finance
Economics Statistics   
Economics Statistics(Actuary)
Management School(Panyu Campus)Business   Administration4
Logistics Management
Tourism Management
Financial Management  
Human Resource Management
Electronic Business
College of Public Management /College of Emergency Management(Panyu Campus)Public Affairs   Management(Emergency Management)4
Public Administration
College of Foreign Studies(Panyu Campus)English Language and   Literature4
Business English   
Japanese Language and Literature
French Language and Literature
Journalism and Communication School(Shipai Campus)Journalism(International Journalism)4
Advertising(Digital Media and Advertising Creative)
Broadcasting and TV    
Internet and New Media     
The Arts of Announcing and Anchoring
College of Liberal Arts(Shipai Campus)Chinese Language and   Literature (Teacher-training)      4
History (Teacher-training)  
Theatre Film and TV Literature
Law School /Intellectual Property School(Panyu Campus)Law4
Intellectual Property
College of International Relations(Panyu Campus)International   Politics4
International Affairs and Relations
College of Environment(Panyu Campus)Environmental Science4
Environmental Engineering
Water Science and Engineering
College of Science and Engineering(Shipai Campus)Applied Physics4
Information Engineering
Opto-Electronics Information Science and Engineering
Materials Physics
Food Quality and Safety
Food Science and Engineering
College of Mechanics and Construction Engineering(Shipai Campus)Engineering Mechanics4
Civil Engineering  
College of Chemistry and Materials Science(Panyu Campus)Applied Chemistry4
Chemistry Engineering and Technology    
Materials Science and Engineering
Macromolecular Materials and Engineering
College of Information Science and Technology(Panyu Campus)Mathematics and   Applied Mathematics4
Software Engineering
Information and Computer Science
Information Management and Information   Systems      
Electronic Information Engineering   
Telecommunication Engineering
Computer Science and Technology
Electronic Science and Technology
Network Engineering
College of Cyber Security(Panyu Campus)Cyber Security4
College of Life Science and Technology(Shipai Campus)Biomedical   Engineering4
Biological Science
Faculty of Medical Science (Shipai Campus)Clinical   Medicine  6
School of Oral Medicine (Shipai Campus)Oral Medicine5
School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Shipai Campus)Chinese Medicine5
School of Nursing (Shipai Campus)Nursing4
College of Pharmacy(Panyu Campus)Pharmacy   4
Traditional Chinese Pharmacology  
Arts College(Shipai Campus)Fine   Arts(Appreciation of Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese Painting)4
Theatre Film and TV Directing (Film and TV Script Writing and   Directing)
Musicology(Piano Performance)
Musicology(Composition and Computer Music Production)
College of Physical Education(Shipai Campus)Physical Education4
International Business School(Zhuhai Campus)Business   Administration4
Financial Management
International Economics and Trade
International Business
Finance (Financial Engineering)

College of Humanities(Zhuhai Campus)

Public   Administration(Urban-Management)4
Law (Lawyer)
Chinese Language and Literature (Editing and Publishing)
Chinese Language and Literature (Senior Secretary)
Advertising (Internet and New Media)
Culture Industry Management
Electrical Information College(Zhuhai Campus)Packaging Engineering4
Software Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Automation   
Electronic and Information Engineering   
Information Security
Internet of Things Engineering
Industrial Engineering
School of Translation Studies(Zhuhai Campus)Translation and   Interpreting4
Shenzhen Tourism College(Shenzhen Campus)Tourism Management4
Hospitality Management
Exhibition Economy and Management  
Business English 
College of Chinese Language and Culture(Guangyuandong Campus)Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages4
Overseas Chinese Education
Overseas Chinese Education((Language Education of Preschool Children)
Chinese(Business Chinese)
Chinese(Tourism Chinese)
Chinese(Chinese Language & Culture)

Note:Place of registration is subject to change, please follow the admission notice. 



Admissions Office, Jinan University, Guangzhou, Guangdong, P.R.China

Tel: 86-20-8522 0130,     Fax: 86-20-8522 1340,



College of Chinese Language and Culture
 Tel: 86-20-8720 5925,     Fax: 86-20-8720 6598,



International School
 Tel: 86-20-8522 6662,     Fax: 86-20-8522 8852,



Office of the International Exchange and Cooperation

Tel: 86-20-8522 0457,     Fax: 86-20-8522 1395,