Regulations of Jinan University on Enrollment of Guaranteed Students in Hong Kong in 2022
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As the Paramount School of Overseas Chinese Students, Jinan University was founded in 1906. It is a key comprehensive university listed in “Double-first Class” initiative and Guangdong province high level University. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, Chinese president and chairman of the Central Military Commission, visited and addressed Jinan University on Oct. 24th, 2018. He hopes Jinan University will stick to its educational characteristics, make it a better university, and create better conditions for overseas Chinese to study in China and inherit Chinese culture. 

Jinan University has 42,228 students, including 28,257 full-time undergraduates and 13,971 full-time graduate students. The number of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, overseas Chinese and international students is 12,808, among which 5,897 are Hong Kong Students, ranking first in mainland China. We remain dedicated to widely recruiting students from abroad, from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Jinan University has cultivated more than 400,000 talents from over 170 countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, among which 60,000 are Hong Kong Students. We can say that where there is the sea, you will meet Jinan graduates.

Now Jinan University has five campuses which locate in three cities, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai it is the largest training base for talents from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. A talent development scheme of “classification development, divided teaching, integrated application” has been established for mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, overseas Chinese and international students. With its elegant environment, well-equipped facilities and convenient living and transportation, the university is the first choice for Hong Kong students to study in the Mainland.

In 2022, the University will continuelly accept excellent students recommended by the Heads of Hong Kong secondary schools. The specifics are as follows:


 Ⅰ.Criterial for recommended students:

 Graduating full-time secondary school students under the new academic structure who have completed three years of studies in a local secondary school in Hong Kong with good conduct, physical and mental health, and have excellent overall assessment results in each school year from the Form 4-6, or those who are outstanding in science and technology, sports, arts and social services who are recommended by the head of the secondary school can be exempt from written examinations. They will be interviewed and admitted by the best selection.


 ⅡNotes for registration:

 1. Online registration and on-site confirmation time: December 1-10, 2021.

 2. Site confirmation locations: Hong Kong China Travel Service's Central Branch, Taikoo Kornhill Plaza Branch, Tseung Kwan O Branch, Sha Tin Branch, Tsuen Wan Lu Yangfang Branch, Tuen Mun Town Plaza Branch (the business hours of the day are subject to the on-site announcement).

 3. Application materials (A4 paper size, vertical binding, prepare the original for verification):

 ⑴ Register an account online (, log in to the system, fill in the information, and submit the printed copy of the "Application Form for Jinan University and Huaqiao University Enrolling Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Overseas Chinese, Chinese and Other Foreign Students" (attached Signature of the student).

 ⑵ Jinan University and Huaqiao University enrollment registration form of Hong Kong recommended students (can be copied or downloaded from the Internet), which must be recommended and signed by the dean of the middle school class (level) and the principal of the middle school.

 ⑶ ID card and a copy of the "Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents" (the front and back are copied on the same A4 paper).

 ⑷ Copies of the transcripts of Form 4 to Form 6 (If Form 6 transcripts are not available temporarily, please submit Form 4 and Form 5 transcripts first).

 ⑸ A copy of the learning overview.

 Ⅲ The registration fee is HK$550 per person.

 Ⅳ The interview mainly examines the students' comprehensive application of knowledge ability, creative thinking ability, language expression ability, etc., as well as ideological character, social service and other aspects. Interview time: December 25-26, 2021, organize a unified online interview. The interview plan will be announced on our school’s admissions information website ( one week in advance, and will be sent to the candidate’s mailbox by e-mail at the same time.


 Ⅴ If the four volunteers enrolled in Jinan University are all students majoring in art and sports, they do not need to participate in this interview. If not, they can choose to participate in the interview for non-art and sports majors. To apply for the arts and sports majors of our school, you also need to participate in the arts and sports professional assessments. For specific arrangements, please refer to the 2022 Art and Sports Admissions Guide. Please refer to our school's admissions information website ( cn).


 Ⅵ Time to release the list: It will be announced online before March 15, 2022. Candidates can log in to the registration system with their registered account and password to check.


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