International School——An English- Medium Institution
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International School

——An English- Medium Institution

The International SchoolJinan University, founded in 2001, is one of the first schools on the China’s mainland to provide English-medium degree programs to students from home and abroad. These programs involve a wide range of disciplines, including:

  • Master’s degree programs

China Studies

Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Bachelor’s degree programs

International Economics and Trade




Clinical Medicine (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)

Food Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Technology


The School has matriculated more than 7,000 students from 90 countries and regions since its establishment.

The school’s educational philosophy emphasizes interdisciplinary inquiry, international perspective, scholarship and professional contribution. Students’ development, in terms of both knowledge acquisition and career advancement, is the core purpose of the school. To achieve this, the International School works to create the best environment for study, allowing students to work closely with the University’s most outstanding faculty members qualified in English-medium instruction. Faculty members either have a strong international education background or are experienced international practitioners. In addition, in many courses, the local faculty teams up with a selected global teaching staff, having diverse expertise to maximize the learning experience. Students are also encouraged throughout the academic year to broaden their horizons with available opportunities for exchange or visiting study programs in various parts of the world. Meanwhile, services and activities assist them with career planning and development, equipping them for better career prospects anywhere in the world.

6-year Undergraduate Programs

M.B.B.S. Program (Bachelor of Medicine M.B.B.S.)

  • Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery

  • International students only

  • 6 years (including 1-year clinical internship)

The M.B.B.S. is a professional undergraduate degree, which means the focus of the curriculum is to prepare students for a career in medicine. The M.B.B.S. is usually awarded in the UK and in countries that have a similar educational system. During an M.B.B.S. study period, students study various subject, such as anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, pathology, microbiology, and many others. Our M.B.B.S. curriculum is designed to produce doctors, who are forward-thinking, well-informed and capable of delivering effective, humane and ethical medical care. It also prepares them to engage in lifelong learning, acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for postgraduate training.

Clinical Medicine (Bachelor of Medicine)

  • Recruiting students from mainland China , Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and abroad

  • Pre-clinical Phase (6 semesters) & Clinical Phase (4 semesters) & Field Experience (1 year)

  • Graduates are eligible to take LMCHK & USMLE

The Clinical Medicine program is designed to fulfill the needs of modern medical development with a unique healing perspective toward the community, a holistic outlook on life and values. The curriculum is designed to train clinicians who understand Chinese traditional culture and to obtain knowledge, skills and expertise in basic medical science, clinical medicine, public health and preventive medicine. Graduates will be fully capable of working in the field of clinical medicine and acquire the love of lifelong learning to maintain professional quality.

4-year Undergraduate Programs

International Economics and Trade (Bachelor of Economics)

More than 2/3 overseas students

Potential business partners in your class

Variety of selective courses

This program trains students to engage in the fields of international economics and business. We provide a systematic understanding of basic theories in economics, build a deep appreciation of international business practices and international trade rules. Graduates will be well-prepared for the complexities of global business organizations.

Finance (Bachelor of Economics)

Fundamental chartered financial analyst (CFA) courses are integrated into the curriculum

Employment opportunities in a wide-array of business and financial sectors

Valuable alumni resources

Finance is an exciting major with unlimited career options. The management of money touches every aspect of business and society. A Finance major at our International School requires our students to develop both analytical skills and creativity abilities. The study of finance prepares you for careers in corporate finance, investments, banking and government. The coursework covers both quantitative and qualitative analysis to ensure graduates to have the greatest employment opportunities in Finance.

Accounting (Bachelor of Management)

Employment opportunities in PwC, DTT, KPMG, EY

Privilege to further study in master program of accounting in Canada

Accounting is an English-medium program using the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Canada teaching system with Canadian textbooks. Its conceptual focus is to prepare students for success in a constantly evolving business environment and to prepare students for graduate studies. Jinan offers students the opportunity to obtain technical knowledge, data analytics, critical thinking, decision-making, and innovation skills required to lead in today's transforming market. Our graduates become advanced international professionals practicing in public accounting, corporate and non-profit financial management, accounting, auditing, taxation roles, and governmental accounting in China and worldwide.

Pharmacy (Bachelor of Science)

One of the strongest discipline in Jinan University

State of the art facilities, labs and experimental equipment

This program, taught in English, is designed to provide students with specific knowledge, fundamental theory and individual skill in pharmaceutical science. Pharmacists have varied employment options, including community pharmacies, drug industries, hospitals, and government agencies. Pharmacists may provide patient care, teach at colleges and universities, or perform pharmaceutical research, all with global opportunities.

Food Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)

Stimulating research environment

Co-operative education and great chances at an internship

Fulfilling the increasing demands of food industry development and safety, this program trains international technical talent. Students will acquire basic theory and skills in food science and processing technology, chemistry and biology. You will become familiar with international standards in the industry, including the processing, production, handling, storage, conservation, control, packaging and distribution of food products. Work anywhere in the world as an expert in food research and development, engineering design, production management, quality assurance and be qualified for teaching opportunities, scientific research and governmental administration.

Computer Science and Technology (Bachelor of Engineering)

One of the most popular majors in Jinan University

Graduates with good employment opportunities

The program provides comprehensive education and training in the field of computer science that equips its graduates with a solid foundation in theory, application expertise and technical skills. Through the cultivation of a problem solving mindset, development of hands-on practical skills, professional ethics, and the spirit of scientific innovation, students who graduate from this program can anticipate becoming professionals with international opportunities, a wide range of future career options and a strong ability to adapt to evolving technologies. Graduates can qualify for positions to conduct research and development in computer science, to design, develop or provide technical maintenance of software and hardware systems, in China and abroad.

Journalism (Bachelor of Art)

International professors from around the world

One of the most promising majors in Jinan University

This major offers professional preparation for students who are planning careers in journalism. It also offers other students the chance to improve their writing, interviewing and research skills and to learn about the news media. Communication theory, the laws and regulations of journalism, proficiency in core skills such as multimedia/visuals, broadcast, and public records are all available courses. Study culminates with a senior thesis project allowing students to research and gain firsthand professional experience. Students are expected to have a solid foundation in both English and Chinese speaking and writing skills with the ability for news gathering, editing, commenting and production to meet the requirements of opportunities in international or domestic media organizations. Graduates become high-level professionals with global competitiveness.



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