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(Applicable for International School of JNU)

We feel great delight in extending our heartfelt congratulations on your success in applying for admission to Jinan University and our warmest welcome to you. Given below are our tips on the procedure for entrance registration:

.Time for Entrance Registration

The registration is open from September 17thto 20th. However, the exact registration date for freshmen from different countries and regions is subject to the further notice of the International School in accordance with university regulations on the pandemic prevention and control. Freshmen have to follow the school guideline and arrive on the designated registration date.

.Venue for Entrance Registration

Freshmen admitted by the programs of Clinical Medicine, Journalism (International Journalism) , Food Science and Engineeringoffered by the International School will be registered at the Shipai Campus (Address: #601, Huangpu Avenue West, Tianhe District, Guangzhou).

Freshmen admitted by the programs of International Economics and Trade, Accounting (CPA, Canada), Finance, Pharmacy, and Computer Science and Technology offered by the International School will be registered at the Panyu Campus (Address: #855, Xingye Avenue East, Panyu District, Guangzhou).

. Materials Needed for Entrance Registration

1. “Admission Result displayed on the JNU undergraduate admission website

2. Original passport and entry visa.  

3. Eight 1-inched photos (frontal, bareheaded), and two 1.5-inched photos (red background) for the purpose of credentials after registration.

4. A copy of passport with owner’s name, student ID, school and the admitted program to authorize the university to open a bank card. Please also write “I hereby authorize Jinan University to apply and receive bank card for me” and your mobile phone number on the passport copy.  

 Ⅳ Fees Paid Upon Entrance Registration ( The following listed items are to be paid at the Finance

Department of Jinan University.)

1. Tuition Charges (¥RMB/Academic Year)

International School


International Economics and TradeFinance

Journalism (International Journalism )


(CPA Canada)


Food Science and Technology Computer Science and Technology



Foreign students of Chinese origin and foreign students





Overseas Chinese





Note: Tuition for Accounting (CPA Canada) program includes a sum of ¥6,000for examination fee and teaching materials provided by the Association of Canadian Public Accountants, the co-sponsor of the program.

2. Accommodation Fees (¥RMB/academic year)

Depending on the conditions of the dorm provided, the accommodation fee at Shipai Campus is ¥2,200-4,000/person/academic year for aroom shared by 2-5 students. The accommodation fee at Panyucampus is ¥1,200/academic year for aroom shared by 5 students.  

3. MedicalInsurance PremiumsAccording to the requirements of “The Tentative Provisions of Mandatory Insurance for Foreign Students in Colleges and Universities” by The Ministry of Education, all the foreign students in China are required to have group comprehensive insurance (including F.P.A, Personal Accident Medical Insurance, and Hospitalization Medical Insurance). The premium is 600 Yuan/person/year. It’s collected once a year with tuition fee. Students are registered only after they purchase the insurance.

4. Ways to Pay

Freshmen shall pay their fees via Wechat, Alipay or Industrial and Commercial Bank of China online banking prior to the registration. Please keep informed by the latest announcement on the JNU Undergraduate Admission website in case of failure to pay duly before registration.    

. Kind Reminders

1. Physical Check-up

Newly admitted students are required to have a health check after registration and take a psychology test and evaluationas arranged by the school. Students who are diagnosed as having a disease listed in the “Guidance on Work of Physical Check-up for University Students” shall be persuaded to leave school.

2.Foreign studentsshould apply for their student visa (X1 visa) from a local Chinese Embassy or Consulate beforeentering China. According to the Chinese laws and regulations, foreign students of Chinese origin, and other foreign students, who come to China to study for more than one year, are required to submit an effective medical certificate of AIDS blood serum checkwhile applying for a visa and going through the formalities for entrance registration.

3.Those who illegally obtained qualification for entrance examinations and have been admitted or obtained the student status by cheating or by forging, altering personal information and/or by any other means of fraud, shall be disqualified for their entrance to the university.  

4.Admitted students may use the given student ID to log in “新生网” on the JNU website ( or JNU official wechat account (jinandaxue1906 or JinanUniversity) after September 1st, 2020 to submit the their personal information as requested and check all the important announcements on entrance registration, payments etc. Freshmen will need to open their Yiban account following the JNU Yiban Registration Guidance for 2020 Freshmen in order to receive orientation requirements and arrangements.

5.It is compulsory for freshmen to take part in the university orientation. Please get dark sports pants and trainers ready for various activities. Orientation details can be found on JNU Student Study and Development official Wechat account: xsc85227090.    

6.As China is taking regular epidemic prevention and control measures at present, students are advised to schedule their travel plans carefully and take good care of personal safety and health. Students travelling from outside of China mainland have to follow Chinese national and provincial regulations before registration at JNU. Students will need to provide their 14-day itineraries upon their arrival on campus.

7.For enquires regarding International School, please don’t hesitate to send us an email:

If you have any question, please feel free to contact:

 Admissions Office        Tel: 86-20-85220130    Fax: 86-20-85221340

 Student Affairs Department Tel: 86-20-85220040    Fax: 86-20-85223482

 International School                Tel: 86-20-85228852       Fax: 86-20-85228598

 Finance Office                    Tel: 86-20-85228251(Shipai Campus), 86-20-37330057(Panyu Campus)

 Center for Education & Management of Student Dormitory Affairs  Tel: 86-20-85223953, 86-20-85226399